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reason #3 i love winter

for those who missed reasons number 1 and 2, which were hidden somewhere in a recipe post, number 1 is the cold; number 2 is butternut squash.

#3: ¬†feather down comforters. it’s a nostaligic reason that reminds me of my childhood, not because i had a down comforter as child because i didn’t. my mom was all about the quilts. but because care bears was one of my favorite tv shows as a child, and as a child i wanted nothing other than to be able to jump on a pillow of marshmallowy clouds. believe me, it was a sad sad day for me when i realized clouds weren’t solid fluffy masses. but now, as an adult, i have discovered my care bear cloud fantasy: feather down comforters. the bad side: i never want to get out of bed.

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