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I think I went a little overboard with the editing of this photo. But I actually kind of like it. It looks….fake, for sure…but it looks almost…comic booky. Or there’s a silverish tint to it. I don’t know; I can’t quite put my finger on it. But I like it, I know that much.

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So for my birthday last October, my amazing husband got me a Nikon D80.  I’ve always loved photography; I think I get that from my dad. I through my childhood, I remember he had this really cool Canon camera that was completely off limits to us kids — and was only brought on when the situation was worthy enough. Once I got older, he wold try to teach me things about aperture and exposure and ISO and light meters. But he might as well have been speaking Latin. I couldn’t, for the life of me, understand all that “photog” talk. For my college graduation, my parents bought me a Canon Rebel SLR (aka a 35mm film camera). And I loved using it…on auto mode. But it was also discouraging in the sense that whatever photo I took was final. No previewing, no editing. FINAL.  And not knowing any of the cool settings, I almost felt like it was a waste of film and money experimenting with the settings. And then by the time I actually did get around to developing the photos, I wouldn’t remember which photos were in taken in which settings.

And that’s the beauty of a digital SLR for the amateur photographer: you can actually learn the different settings hands-on and see the differences right there on the screen in front of you. On the day I took the above photo, I felt like experimenting with depths of field. I’ll post other comparisons a little bit later on. This one, while most of the photos I took are of Pepper in focus, I decided to get creative and focus on some of the wild grass in the foreground, thus making Pepper blurry. 

If you are the type that shoots on auto-mode, AND you have a digital, flip it to A mode (if you have Nikon) or Av mode (for Canon), and practice this depth of field. (A is for aperture, you know.) I guarantee it’s loads of fun!

Another fun tool on photographs: photo editing software. I use Adobe Lightroom (it’s gobs cheaper than Photoshop).

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My little one loves her some sheep. If she could, she would herd them all day long.  And even after being so tired she can’t run around them any longer, she would be more than happy to pin them in a corner and stare them still…all day long.  Our little border collie, who bounced from shelter to shelter until we rescued her, has found her life’s calling: sheep.

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this is one of my favorite blog posts i’ve ever read. Maybe because it reminds me of my dogs — to the T. but it’s definitely worth the check.

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self-appointed bring your dog to work day

with half the office gone, i decided to let my dogs “go on vacation” by bringing them into work for the day. while i unlock the office door, i let the dogs go potty on the lawn before bringing them in. scout, the big wussy that he is in the rain, finds the closest tree, quickly takes a leak, then darts indoors. pepper was taking her pretty little dainty time. “go potty. it’s potty-time.” sniff, sniff, sniff. “pepper, go potty.” then suddenly, the side of her face goes down on the ground with her rump stickin’ in the air (otherwise known as the downward-facing-dog pose, for all you yoga masters out there), and rub, rub, rub — right in POOP. awesome, little one. is that how much you love your mom? so sweet of you.

and that’s how my day started — with handsoap and a trashcan full of water giving my dog a make-shift bath at work to wash the poop off her face and neck. yuck. guess it’s gonna be one of those days.

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my boy

i can’t post pictures of pepper without posting pictures of scout too. it just wouldn’t be right. she may be the better sheepdog but he was my first dog as an adult, and for that he will always take precedence and the biggest piece of my heart. 


hi. my name is scout. i’m half australian cattle dog and half border collie. i look like i have many tricks up my sleeve, and pretty much that assumption would be correct.


mom also makes me do silly things, like tempt me with the word “food?” when she wants me to look at the camera.


after awhile, though, i get bored. life as a supermodel is exhausting!


but even though i give mom and dad a hard time, deep down i’m a really sweet boy, just like my sister.


with love, scoutie boy

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