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this is simple and oh-so-magnificent. the most difficult part is extracting the seeds from the pomegranate, but i would say it’s more tedious than anything else. but my oh my is it worth it. when you take your first bite, the juice from the pods gushes into your mouth as the chocolate simultaneously melts–i guarantee you will melt along with it. (now, this gushing and melting might weird out you texture people, but my husband is a texture person and he begs for me to make these. so don’t be scared of the gushing–embrace the gushing.)



1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

2 pomegranates, de-seeded


here are what pomegranates look like. hello, beautiful shiny red pomegranates.



1) in a double broiler (a glass mixing bowl placed over a saucepan with about 2-inches of simmering water in it) melt chocolate in double broiler, stirring until smooth.

(if chocolate consistency isn’t completely smooth, you might try adding a dollop of butter to smooth it out a bit. but realize that doing this will cause it to melt just a bit quicker on your fingers when you’re eating it. but that’s ok, it’s a good excuse to just pop the whole thing into your mouth at one time.)

2) add pomegranate seeds. stir until seeds are completely covered.

3) on a cookie sheet that has been lined with parchment or wax paper, drop spoonfuls of the chocolately goodness.

4) refrigerate until hardened.



*next time i think i’m going to try mint chocolate chips…so it’s kinda like peppermint bark w/ pomegranates, but i don’t like white chocolate so using regular chocolate instead. (so, basically, it’s exactly like it but totally different….man, i love those comparisons! 😉 )

*experiment with other flavor chips, like milk chocolate. or split the chocolate amount with butterscotch.

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